Developing our future

We are here to help support, develop and grow the most innovative and sustainable businesses in the UK.

What we do

Project support and management

Vision and strategic direction

Co-ordinating project financing

We’re building one of the biggest vertical farms in the UK

Purpose. Collaboration. Impact.

We start with a shared ethical and environmental purpose.

We collaborate to channel that purpose through viable businesses.

And then we maximise the tangible environmental and social impact.

Change-the-world ambitions

Our expertise is put to good use in areas where businesses need it the most. We want to help our partners and collaborators to deliver the biggest possible impact both in terms of commercial success and, most importantly, environmental and social impact. With the ultimate goal of creating #TheWorldWeWant.

We work with businesses with skills or expertise gaps and give them the tools they are missing to take the next step – whatever that means for them. It could be site finding, embedding an expert into their team, co-ordinating project financing, building a website, or a developing a bigger strategy to make maximum impact, as just a few examples. See our Services page for more examples.

There are so many exciting projects and ideas out there that need something a bit extra to get where they want to go and that’s where we come in. We’re here to help businesses with change-the-world ambitions to change the world. We have a clear purpose that’s supported by a real plan of action. See our Projects page for more examples.

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